When Rainbow Circle partnered with NAMI Treasure Valley we adopted many of their guidelines, principles, and policies. However, because Rainbow Circle is an LGBTQIA2S+ specific support group, we have expanded upon NAMI’s group guidelines and principles of support in order to be more inclusive and to better suit our needs. These principles are exclusive to Rainbow Circle and won’t be seen at other NAMI support group meetings

Group Guidelines

1. Start and stop on time

2. Time limit for Check In

3. Absolute confidentiality is vital to maintaining safety and wellbeing

4. Be respectful

5. Be mindful of others; no monopolizing or cross-talk

6. Let’s keep it in the here and now

7. Empathize with each other’s situation

Principles of Support

1. We recognize every gender identity and sexual orientation as valid
2. We foster and encourage inclusive support for BIPOC LGBTQIA2S+ individuals who may encounter additional discrimination
3. We affirm that LGBTQIA2S+ identities are NOT mental illnesses though LGBTQIA2S+ people may live with mental illnesses
4. We recognize that mental illnesses are medical illnesses that may have environmental triggers
5. LGBTQIA2S+ people may experience traumatic circumstances and events
6. We understand that mental illnesses are traumatic events
7. As we address our experiences, we aim to develop better coping skills
8. We find strength in sharing experiences
9. We recognize all LGBTQIA2S+ people are in a different place in their journey
10.  We see the individual first, not their struggle
11.  We reject stigma and do not tolerate discrimination
12. We won’t judge anyone’s pain as less than our own
13. We validate ourselves and reject guilt
14. We embrace humor as healthy
15. We accept we cannot solve all problems
16. We expect and advocate for a better future of our own choosing
17. We will never give up hope